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Details of operation process of asphalt concrete mixing equipment


Asphalt concrete mixing equipment is one of the key equipment in asphalt pavement construction, and its performance directly affects the quality of the paved asphalt pavement. The function of asphalt concrete mixing equipment is to mix aggregates and fillers with different particle sizes according to the specified proportion, use asphalt as binder and mix them into a uniform mixture at the specified temperature.

The fastest mixing process can occur only when the mixture quality is along the vertical and horizontal high-speed circulation of the mixer shell, the vertical vertical movement of mixture quality (mixture boiling effect) and the asphalt mixture spray. The speed of uniform distribution of each component along each material volume depends on the selection of the installation angle of the blade to the rotating shaft to ensure the high-speed circulation of the mixture along the longitudinal and transverse direction of the agitator body.

1. No matter what type of asphalt concrete mixing equipment, its production capacity is affected by the variety and requirements of finished materials, water content of mineral materials, climate conditions, completion degree of equipment and other factors. Therefore, during the operation of mixing equipment, in addition to ensuring that the equipment is in good condition, it is also necessary to cultivate mineral material moisture content detector and finished material analysis tester, and often detect relevant data for operators to adjust the operation in time, so as to keep the equipment working in the best state.

2. Make full preparations before operation and carefully check whether all working parts and devices of mixing equipment are intact and normal. If there is any problem, it must be handled properly before operation. It is forbidden to operate with disease.

3. The operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the procedures and precautions specified in the equipment operation manual. After the ignition is normal, monitor whether the dust collector works normally to ensure that the drying drum burns under normal negative pressure. After the production starts, monitor whether the hot aggregate elevator and mixer work normally to coordinate the operation of other working parts.

4. Fully understand the mixing system, put forward the general process of mixer design, and describe the performance analysis methods of intermittent forced asphalt concrete mixing equipment and continuous drum asphalt concrete mixing equipment.


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